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What is ROP?

Regional Occupation Program (ROP) is a career and technical education provider that prepares high school students for a wide range of careers and further educational opportunities. The ROP course of study combines classroom instruction with hands-on learning; ROP teachers are fully credentialed and experienced in their related industries.

ROP Classes at HBHS 

• Costume Design (*APA)

• Theatre Technology (*APA)

Sports Medicine

For APA classes, please contact the APA office

ROP Classes After-Bell at Various Sites

Click the link above for course offerings at various school sites.

• Administration of Justice (Fall Semester)
• Animal Health Care Internship (year-long class)
• Auto Tech Internship (year-long class)
• Baking & Pastry Fundamentals

   Careers  in Artificial Intelligence - Virtual
• Careers with Children Internship
• Certified Nursing Assistant Internship 
• Construction Technology Pre Apprenticeship
• Crime Scene Investigation 
• Culinary Arts
• Dental Assistant Front Office

• Dental Assistant Back Office

(pre-req: Dental Assistant Front Office)
• Emergency Medical Responder
• Emergency Medical Technician

(Must take EMR first, seniors only, year-long)
• Fire Science
• Medical Nursing Careers Internship

.  Medical Innovations, Research & Entrepreneurship
• Medical Careers & Health Systems (Year-long class)

• Pharmacy Technician Internship (Year-Long, Seniors Only)
• Retail Sales & Merchandising Internship

• Sports Medicine Internship

Coastline Regional Occupation Program (ROP)

Why Take ROP Classes?

Many of the courses offered through ROP allow students to get a head start on college, and students earn grades and credits toward high school graduation. Not only do the classes cover necessary prerequisite information, but they also give students an insight into what these careers actually entail. Knowing this can help them make wiser college, major, and career choices in the years to come.

ROP Classes At HBHS & Other HBUHSD Schools

ROP Class Registration

  • If you register before your assigned date, your registration will be deleted.

  • Incomplete registration will also be deleted

  • For Year-Long Classes you can only sign up at the end of the spring semester!

  • You can register for open classes up to the second week after classes start!

Spring Registration Opening Dates*

 Seniors: Monday, November 14 -  4:00 pm

Juniors: Wednesday, November 16 - 4:00 pm

Sophomores & Freshmen:  Friday, November 18 - 4:00 pm

Visit Coastline ROP's website for more information
and to register for classes.

  • Email address you check most often

  • Date of Birth

  • Ethnicity

  • Gender

  • Student Cell Phone Number

  • Language First Learned

  • School Currently Attending

  • Graduation Year

  • Student ID# from Home High School

  • School Counselor Name

  • Special Programs you are in

  • Parent/Guardian Name

  • Parent/ Guardian Email Address

  • Parent/Guardian Phone Number

Info Needed for Registration

Important Registration Reminders

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