Dual Enrollment: Golden West College

High school students have the opportunity to take classes at a local community college. 

What are the benefits?

  • Students earn high school credits AND community college units upon successful completion. 

  • Classes + materials are free for high school students.

  • It's a way to explore a course outside of the high school curriculum.

  • Students get a taste of college-level coursework and develop academic skills. 

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment classes are offered as a partnership between a community college and a high school district. Currently, HBUHSD is partnered with Golden West College to offer a select number of community college classes that allow a student to earn high school credits (for graduation) and earn college units. Classes are offered at HBUHSD sites or at the Golden West Campus. Classes for the next term will be publicized at the school site. Please see guidance specialist or school counselor for more information. 

Spring 2020 Offerings

How to Apply & Register

Step 1: Create an OpenCCC Account and apply to Golden West College

  • Students need to both create an OpenCCC Account and submit the GWC online application.

  • Within 48 hours of completing your GWC application, you will get an email with your GWC ID number (which starts with the letter C).

Step 2: Then, complete the Registration Packet (all 3 forms)

  1. Dual Enrollment Release Form

  2. HBUHSD Parent Consent Form

  3. Course Registration Authorization Form

Step 3: Submit completed forms (all 3) to Ms Chung or any guidance staff member.

Contact: Please see a Guidance Staff member to submit paperwork and/or if you have any questions. 

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